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More Praise for Song of Redemption

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"...powerful...keeps the reader in suspense. A good read."

Judge, Writer’s Digest Book Awards

"Song of Redemption is a great book! The plot is consistently engaging and the author paints a painfully accurate image of American life during the late Antebellum period. This may be one of the best historical fiction novels I've ever read! The storyline never lets you down. The character development is rich and obedient to the setting and historical period. Malika played with my heartstrings for the entire ride. By the end of the journey, I was emotionally exhausted. I was mad, happy, disgusted, surprised, inspired, disappointed, but thoroughly enlightened. I recommend this book to any history buff who needs a satisfying novel in his/her life. Great work Ms. Stevely! Great work!!!"

―  Kevin Gantt, author of Inflections: A Journey of Self-Discovery

"Song of Redemption should be more than a book that you just pick up and read. It needs to be discussed. There were so many themes and issues throughout the book that would serve as excellent topics for fruitful discussion and dialogue (something that we need to do more of)."

― A.J. Bryant, Amazon Reviewer

― CC Miller, author of Also, hi


"I suggest Song of Redemption to history buffs seeking a good book...the plot never loses its intrigue. As I read it, the subject grabbed my curiosity, but I didn’t expect to feel as moved as I did. Malika J. Stevely piqued my interest in a variety of previously unconsidered concerns affecting black Americans. Character development is rich and genuine to the setting. Because of the information I have learned, I tip my hat to Malika J. Stevely for her amazing effort. The author made me feel enlightened all the time."

Trevor Otieno for Readers' Favorite

"I read this book recently, as a part of my book club. We have read some great books. However, this book is ABSOLUTELY brilliant. The story is so well developed. You can barely stop reading it. It leaves you a bit wiser after reading it, with the vast amount of accurate historical data, coupled with a really good story. I look forward to reading more from this incredible author. I will be gifting this piece of work to many!!!! I’ve already requested it to be added to the libraries in my area. Bravo!"

Bridgette A., Amazon Reviewer

"Song of Redemption is a powerfully written saga of a young enslaved girl that experienced the dehumanizing world of slavery. The writer’s style and use of vividly written images provided me a glimpse of the main character’s soul and the desperation to survive one of the most cruelest period in American history."

Naomi M., Amazon Reviewer

"We experienced every human emotion while reading this book. We, the SSS Book Club truly recommend you add it to your reading list...Malika, can't wait to see what's in store for the future. We are ready."

The Sassy Sophisticated Sistahs Book Club

"I felt genuine anger, fear, disgust, grief, angst, love, relief, and joy. Every chapter brought a twist to the story that I was not expecting. My hats off to the writer for an absolutely stunning debut book. I couldn't recommend it more highly. I hope there will be another soon."

Lisa S., Amazon Reviewer

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